Seems these days that golf instruction is all about the vast movements that are made by the body in the golf swing.
Trying to figure out the movements that the best players are making from the ground up.

While this is an interesting study, the question is are concentrating on these moves really necessary?

I have always taught going from the flight of the ball, then to the golf club, then to the player. This to me is the simplest way to get fast results but also allows the player an easier understanding of what is necessary to gain the correct impact. In achieving this, the body movements become secondary in thought but take care of themselves as the impact improves. By working on the controlling factors of impact, the vast body movements become automatic.

If you work the swing the opposite way from the ground up – to the player, then the club and lastly the ball – I believe this becomes too much information to process and takes a long time to work together.

Simplicity has been my ultimate goal – and I will continue this way.