It may seem odd to think of what your virus might be for your golf swing, but it is critical that you know what it is so you can properly treat it. I have always related the golf swing to having a cold. When you have a cold, you treat the symptoms: runny nose, cough, fever, congestion, headache, etc. The fact is, until the virus you have goes away, you will continue to have a cold and can only treat the symptoms to feel better.

Your golf swing is very much the same. Every swing has a virus, and the symptoms are what you can ?treat? to make you feel better. If you slice the ball to the right, you can start aiming and swinging left. If you hook the ball to the left, you can start aiming and swinging right. If you hit the top of the ball, you can try to keep your head down. If you hit the ground, you can try to lift your head up. It becomes a never-ending cycle of adding to your swing to make up for your symptoms. All of these symptoms will remain until you properly treat them and eventually remove the virus.

Back to the title ? Do you Know what your Virus is? In other words, do you know what the root cause of the symptoms plaguing your golf swing is? If not, then you need to find out. Until you get to the root cause (i.e., the virus) of your symptoms, you will only be able to treat the symptoms, but not actually get rid of them.

Enter to your ?treatment? regimen Plane Simple Golf Swing Program, which addresses the root cause of your golf swing?s virus and helps to eliminate it. Once the virus has been identified and corrected, your golf swing is on the mend. You will be able to correct the shots that you have been hitting in error (i.e., your ?symptoms?) and move forward to your ?virus-free? state?the correct swing and contact. Your golf swing will begin to move toward being fully correct, instead of working to make up for what is incorrect and never reaching its full potential.

Learning in golf is not difficult, but unlearning is. Unlearning all of the things you have been doing wrong and learning the correct swing will take time, patience, and discipline. If you do not identify the virus in your golf swing, then you will limit your ability to put what you have learned to use because the virus will keep you from unlearning your bad habits. Until you properly treat the virus and unlearn your symptoms, your errors will stay around and inhibit your ability to put good habits into practice.

If you would like assistance in finding out what your golf swing?s virus is, contact Plane Simple Golf at Buchanan is the Founder and Director of Instruction for Plane Simple Golf.