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Plane Simple Golf Director Pete Buchanan has established his on-line instruction as one of the top programs in the world. Currently working with players all over the world, this program offers you the ability to work with Pete one on one no matter where you are. Combined with Edufii, this program will bring your game to the best it can be. Upload your swing videos and let Pete show you how to quickly make your game more efficient, productive and lower your scores.

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I have the honor and privilege of working with Pete Buchanan with Plane Simple Golf. He is much more than just a swing coach; he is a mentor, friend, and nothing short of my Yoda. I am currently living in Florida and Pete is in St. Louis, but this has not deterred our progress. I send him a video of my swing about every two weeks and he sends me back a video recap where he can give me both and audio and visual lesson using his software. I speak with him on the phone nearly every day and he always has the answers for me. He has taught me in a cause and effect matter, so even when he’s not with me I can make improvements.

He has taught me to listen to the ball flight and that tells me everything I need to know about the swing and what changes I need to make. This not only gives me the ability be my own coach, but make immediate changes on the course when I’m having problems. Furthermore, I have helped Pete and Plane Simple Golf develop a training aid the reinforces everything he has taught me that can be used in every aspect of practice.

Chris Johnson

PSG Tour Player


Seasonal Plan

  • Complete Swing Analysis
  • 10 Video Swing Analysis Recaps
  • Practice schedule and drills designed for impact control
  • Membership to Edufii Premium Training Team
  • Offered: April – August or November – March

Year Round Plan

  • Complete Swing Analysis
  • Unlimited Video Swing Analysis Recaps through the year
  • Practice schedule and drills designed for impact control
  • Simple Swing Repeater Training Brace for shaft to arm control/swing plane
  • Membership to Edufii Premium Training Team
  • Periodic video drills/samples from me for continued practice
  • FaceTime/Skype Sessions

Video Swing Analysis

  • Complete analysis of your swing from your submitted video.

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