30 Day Challenge



Product Description

30 Days to your best golf. This challenge includes the Simple Swing Repeater and a drill workout program to quickly elevate your game to new heights. You can work at your own pace following the workout schedule of drills all included with complete video descriptions.

You will also be able to submit videos of your progress for analysis with Plane Simple Golf Director Pete Buchanan during your 30 Day Challenge.

No need to delay – start now!!

Join Pete and Plane Simple Golf and challenge your game to be its’ best.

“I practiced with the SSR for the first time on the range and did some of the drills you suggested and frankly I was quite amazed at the quick results.The short game was fairly easy to adapt but the difference in solid contact and trajectory was noticeable immediately.I worked my way thru the short irons to driver and was surprised how straight the ball went and how far it flew without any wrist hinge or lag.”

Bill McDonald
PSG Client and former 30 Day Challenge Participant – Las Vegas, NV

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Swing Stance

Right Handed, Left Handed


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