“I have the honor and privilege of working with Pete Buchanan with Plane Simple Golf. He is much more than just a swing coach; he is a mentor, friend, and nothing short of my Yoda. I am currently living in Florida and Pete is in St. Louis, but this has not deterred our progress. I send him a video of my swing about every two weeks and he sends me back a video recap where he can give me both and audio and visual lesson using his software. I speak with him on the phone nearly every day and he always has the answers for me. He has taught me in a cause and effect matter, so even when he’s not with me I can make improvements. He has taught me to listen to the ball flight and that tells me everything I need to know about the swing and what changes I need to make. This not only gives me the ability be my own coach, but make immediate changes on the course when I’m having problems. Furthermore I have helped Pete and Plane Simple Golf develop a training aid the reinforces everything he has taught me that can be used in every aspect of practice that can be found on www.planesimplegolf.com”

Chris Johnson

PSG Tour Player

I’ve been using the SSR for only 4 weeks now and have knocked off a full 4 strokes from my handicap (Now 9.6). I’m hitting the ball more solid and any missed shots are much more controlled.

Mike Johnson

PSG Client - St. Louis, MO

Pete I love your teaching method and it’s over all simplicity . The SSR makes everything even easier. Thank you tons for making this possible. I purchased the SSR late summer. Was a 17 handicap. At years end I was a 7.2.

Tom Manke

PSG Client

One thing I have noticed right away is how much easier this swing is on the body. Where I saw the biggest improvements was in my chipping and putting control. I had the opportunity to practice wall to wall full swings twice. The first session went well, great contact and distance.

Chris Miller

PSG Client - Phoenix, AZ

So far I like it. It helps in grain what I have been working on for several weeks-stopping and shortening my hands at the top of my long swing. I use it virtually every practice session and it certainly helped.

Michael Robbins

PSG Client - Springfield, MO

I was introduced to Pete Buchanan and Chris Johnson from Plane Simple Golf and to be honest, I was skeptical. The reason for my negative view was based on two factors. One, the idea that somebody could help me fix the multiple problems with my swing by wearing a device seemed unlikely. Secondly, the thought that someone could create something new in this day and age that was better than the hundreds of products already on the golf market (most of which I own) was even more unlikely. I agreed to try the prototype that they had because I didn’t want to be rude and reject their invite to test their new product. I still remember thinking that if it could do what they claimed; I would be their biggest fan because I was sick of hitting my little sissy fade. Well I can tell you that I was shocked that I hit 8 or 10 balls and all of a sudden I was hitting a subtle draw. I was wearing the device and hitting 8 iron shots that I had never been able to hit before. I said to Pete that I was impressed but I wondered how I would hit a long iron, he said hit any club you want. I hit my 6 iron with the same subtle boring draw and I was hooked. I had never been able to feel the flat left wrist position that I knew would give me a more dependable consistent ball flight.

Pete and Chris had me hitting shot after shot with the club on plane and all of sudden I was not over swinging and I was hitting great golf shots. My game has improved so much because the Plane Simple Golf Simple Swing Repeater training brace put the club on plane and I felt the proper position of the club. I am a 55 year old 6’3″ man with an 11.8 handicap that has a new enthusiasm for the game and now I have the confidence that even at my age I can improve. Thanks guys.

Randy Minchew

PSG Client - Columbia, MO

Have been playing Golf with a Vigor I haven’t felt in years! I have been golfing since I retired at 55, moved to central Florida and got a starter & player assistant job at a very upscale resort style Golf Course.

The job had many perks one being as much golf and practice I wanted, I stayed the same Handicap for years never getting any better than a 20 Hdcp. playing like a 23 Hdcp, I played and played, then I was introduced to Plane Simple Golf by a coworker.

I can’t say enough good things about the concept. I’m taking my time studying the drills and watching the videos, at the range I’m hitting the ball straight, more and more down the middle without the wrist cock, I can get back to Square more times than I could have ever imagined. Last week I played every day, early in the morning, like a child with a new found enthusiasm, I haven’t ever felt in many years.

Did I tell you I’m 70 years old have been playing very regular for the last 15 years? I usually go out golfing early to get exercise & keeping fit, “FLAT LINED” was my game. It seemed to me, “It was DEAD”. I was always hitting “FOUL BALLS” Tee shots , fairway shots, chips, most going FOUL. Double bogey and more. It was getting me down, than one day a Co-worker and new friend (you can remove his name if you please, I have not asked his permission to use it, but I owe it all to him, Chris Johnson (PSG Tour Player/Instructor), the same Chris in your videos.) Ask me how I did that day? I told him my sad story and he told me about PlaneSimpleGolf.com and fixed me up with Simple Swing Repeater, and offered support.

Well, I went off looking at your program as a ‘Plain Simple’ way to square the club at impact. It seemed so simple to me because at my age, my back swing works very well with your “wall to wall” principle, and keeping my wrist firm is the answer, not only for me but for every weekend, vacationing man and woman who suffer with finding & and hitting their FOUL BALLS out of the rough & sand.

For the first time I have been hitting 12/13 fairways at least 3 out of 4 par 3 greens. If I hit fairways I have a great chance to hit the Green in 2 and every time I got on in 2, I 2 putted for a PAR. Last week I played 18 holes a day 5 days, and hit the range 1hr. 3 days, only because I was having so much “FUN” I couldn’t stop hitting so many great shots down the middle, can not wait to get back the next week.

No Kidding, my score has been in the low 80s (84 high to 81 low)!!! Consistently
My first sentence is worth repeating: “I am now playing the Game of Golf with a Vigor I haven’t felt in years!”

Thank you Pete Buchanan & your Friends for the heads up on PlaneSimpleGolf.com. Soon people will catch on, I’m sure.

Anthony Barbato

PSG Client and 30 Day Challenge Participant

I’ve known Pete Buchanan for over 20 years and he has dramatically improved his students golf swings and increased their enjoyment for playing golf. I’ve seen Pete help golfers at all skill levels, from professional, to beginner, and in a few swings he’s ready to help you understand your swing and how to improve it. His desire to simplify the golf swing and help golfers improve their games makes him a valuable expert I feel lucky to work with. Both myself and my son have benefitted greatly from Pete’s lessons which simplified our swings, improved our understanding of our swings, and lowered our scores. We continue to stay connected to Pete through his innovative teaching technology and personalized lesson plans. You will not find a more dedicated teacher who wants to see you succeed than Pete Buchanan. I’ve also had the pleasure to play golf with Pete and he can certainly take his swing fundamentals to the golf course as an accomplished player. Thank you for all your help and insights in improving our golf games!

Mark Haley

PSG Client

Each practice session has shown improvement over the last. Your assessment about the cause of the occasional shank was spot on. Pitching is going quite well. And they no longer show up. The sweet spot is hit more than ever. Practice in all drills is going well and I enjoy working on them. I haven’t had many opportunities to play lately but look forward to doing so. My ball striking has never been this consistent. And my 57 year old body has had no trouble keeping up with any of the drills.

Don Huff

PSG Client - Farmington, MO

I practiced with the SSR for the first time on the range and did some of the drills you suggested and frankly I was quite amazed at the quick results.The short game was fairly easy to adapt but the difference in solid contact and trajectory was noticeable immediately.I worked my way thru the short irons to driver and was surprised how straight the ball went and how far it flew without any wrist hinge or lag.

Bill McDonald

PSG Client - Las Vegas, NV

Pete.. thank you very much for inventing such a great product!! I’m about an eight handicap but always struggle with being inconsistent . And just a couple times of using the SSR I realized the golf swing is simple and all about keeping the clubface square at impact.. Pete how to videos that come with the SSR are are right on the money and anybody that strives to be a better golfer even low handicap golfers please give Pete’s SSR a try and you won’t be sorry..Pete you have hit it out of the park with this one !! Thank you very much!! Happy holidays to you and your family!! PS.. One happy golfer here can’t wait for spring!

Scott Morstorf

PSG Client - Topeka, KS

Pete, just a quick update. I played 18 holes today, first game in 7 weeks. After the first 4 holes I could trust my swing again knowing it was on the correct plane, and this after only one session with the SSR. I hit many solid shots but where I really found the difference was my consistency off the tee, amazing. One session with the SSRS has given me confidence and got me swinging the club properly again, what a complete transformation. I know I need more practice to get back to where I know I should be, but with the SSR I know it’s a distinct possibility. Will keep you posted, but in the meantime thanks for your help and attention.

Gordon Steen

PSG Client - Kildare, Ireland