I developed and received a Patent for my Simple Swing Repeater Training Brace (SSR for short). It is designed to enahnce my teaching program and swing philosophy. After watching the masses of golfers struggle with consistency and repeated performance, I decided to take a comprehensive look at the golf swing and simplify it down to only what is necessary, eliminating what isn’t.

The  SSR is designed to hold the angle set between the lead arm and the golf shaft thru the entire swing. You would need to return to this angle at impact, and I felt it would be easier to return to this angle if you never left it.

If you swing has a wrist hinge or lag, you will have a dificult time returning back to the oringal address set up lead arm/shaft angle. You will either return more vertical than the orignal angle or you will have to swing well left (right hand player) of the target line to get the shaft back where it began. Neither of these are sufficient at squaring the club face or achieving a proper angle of attack.

with the SSR, you will eliminat the hinge and lag and easily be able to return at impact to your staring address posotion wiith the lead arm and shaft. This will keep the club face square to the swings direction (straight shots) and level the club thru impact for a shallow angle of attack. These two creat solid, straight shots – repeated. Your swing plane will be more shallow allowing you to move your arm efficiently and create speed – adding distance to your shots. Best of all – you will be able to repeat this over and over again gaining consistency and lowering scores. Currently my SSR clients are lowering their handicaps on average by 40% in 4-6 weeks. You can find out more about the SSR at: www.psgssr.com