Golf Swing Motion

Pete Buchanan November 2019

The swing itself is to create the correct impact in as simple a way as possible. The goal is to get the club, body and arms working together to achieve this.
Keeping in mind that since the upper body winds against the lower, the lower will unwind. Therefore the hips may be slightly open at impact but certainly not the shoulders. However this is a result.
Posture angles should maintain thru the swing to give the best chance at a repetitive impact.

Concerning the hands and arms: keeping the angle formed between the lead arm and shaft thru the swing keeps the club face square to the arms. That also means that the club face will then be square to whatever path you swing the club on.

As far as the overall motion, there has to be a combination of horizontal and vertical movement due to the position of the ball at address (ball is to the side and on the ground). The hands moving up and down create vertical movement, body creates horizontal. It is in the combination of these and keeping the shaft parallel to the original address angle where consistent repeated impacts lie. Forearm motion becomes the key to swinging the club parallel to the original shaft angle from address.

This will create a shallower angle of attack allowing the shaft of the club to flex properly thru impact creating more distance. One program – One Approach. Join us and find out how to make your game the best it has ever been.