As the 2020 Golf season approaches, I sit here wondering, “what are players going to be doing this year to give them the best golf season they have ever had?”

Obvious changes could be new clubs, a different golf ball, a new found enthusiasm or just a will to be better this year. All very good things, but let’s look a little deeper.

If you want to make this your best year of golf, you have to look at what you are going to do to improve your game. If you have been (at) the same handicap or shot the same scores for years, then you must change what you are going to do this season to make a difference. Just practicing the same things you have been working on before more often isn’t going to get it done.

If you want a more effective result, you have to do something more effective.

After 30 plus years of teaching this game, here is what I have learned: The quickest route to lower scores and better ball striking come from taking instruction from someone who is versed in ball flight/cause and effect impact control. It is the quickest route to impact control, consistency and lower scores. I know, I did the very same thing by working with John Jacobs early in my career who is known as one of the best ball flight/cause and effect teachers. I know from personal experience how quickly the impact can improve.

In addition, you need to be able to have a practice plan that is consistent and continues to help you work toward your impact goals. If you try something different every time you practice, then you will continue to struggle. I can see some of you shaking your head in agreement.

So for this season, I would look for someone to help coach you in controlling your impact, developing a solid practice plan and routine, and follow it. This will give you the best opportunity for some great improvement in 2020.