Putting consists of basically two elements: Distance and Direction.  The length and pace plus the angle of approach of your putting stroke will control the distance the putt rolls. The aim, stance and swing path of your putting set-up and swing determine the direction your putt rolls.


Grip the Putter with Palms facing each other and parallel to the putter face.

Aim the putter square to the line you want the putt to start on.

Stand with the putter handle to the center of you and your shoulders square to the line you want the putt to start on.

Hands and arms hang under the shoulders with eyes over the line of the putt.

 Putting Stroke

Arms, shoulders and putter move together as a unit to produce a stroke that moves slightly inside the line in the backswing to straight thru down the target line in the follow thru. The follow thru carries the shaft angle from address thru to the finish.

Distance will be determined by the length and pace of your putting stroke. Direction will be controlled by your set-up on the line you want the putt to start.

The distance of your putt is best seen from the side of your putt while direction is best seen from behind.

Feb 1 2020