Face to Face Instruction

Make Your Game Simple

For face to face instruction and get the benefits of his training. Using Video analysis and the Simple Swing Repeater Training Brace – you will be simplifying your game in no time. Pete has developed his Training program with you in mind, doing the work to take out all of the junk, noise, confusion and unnecessary items that have kept your golf game from becoming the best it should be.

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You will find all of the content necessary to get your golf game flourishing with very little practice time. Swing drills, exercises, articles and more to explode your game to great heights – and have a lot of fun doing it. Pete will set you up with your own personal program for your game. Join Pete and see how far your golf game will go.

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Lesson Rates

30 Minute Lesson – $65
60 Minute Lesson – $120

6 Month Seasonal and One Year Packages Available

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