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Pete is the founder and owner of Plane Simple Golf, LLC which houses Plane Simple Golf and the Simple Swing Repeater Training Brace. Teaching over the past 30 years, Pete has been simplifying his golf swing philosophy in an effort to make it simple for players to play the game.


Using Video analysis and the Simple Swing Repeater Training Brace – you will be simplifying your game in no time. Pete has developed his Training program with you in mind, doing the work to take out all of the noise and confusion that have kept your golf game from becoming the best it should be.

Online Instruction

For those golfers wanting to simplify their golf games, Plane Simple Golf On-Line Instruction will give them an opportunity to take advantage of Pete’s new revolutionary swing program that will give them great control over their golf and greatly improve their scores.

One Program – One Approach

Pete Buchanan, Director of Plane Simple Golf, has quickly established his program as one of the top instruction programs around the world. He has developed his Training Space program with you in mind. Pete has done the work to take out all of the junk, noise, confusion and unnecessary items that have kept your golf game from becoming the best it should be. Any player, anywhere in the world can join in. Face to face and online instruction. Learn to be your own coach. Make your game Simple!

At Plane Simple Golf:

Everything we do we believe in challenging the status quo. We pursue and believe in thinking differently in golf. We are challenging the status quo by simplifying the movements, eliminating unnecessary steps, creating a simple, repeatable, correct impact. Not to mention a swing that is performance functional – pain free and easy on the body. We simply produce informed, peak performing golfers with unlimited potential.


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This is our philosophy: We teach golf because we are passionate about helping all golfers achieve better results. We firmly believe that we have not only the simplest way to teach golf, but the correct way to teach golf. Our mission is to bring this program to golfers to let them know there is a more simple way to practice and play. Simple, repeatable, pain free golf.

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Golf Channel Academy segment with Tiger Woods, Butch Harmon and Peter Kessler from 2000.. A must watch for all...

Do You Know What Your Virus Is?

It may seem odd to think of what your virus might be for your golf swing, but it is critical that you know what it is so you can properly treat it. I have always related the golf swing to having a cold. When you have a cold, you treat the symptoms: runny nose, cough,...

Simple Repeatable Ball Control with Distance

Here is what I know thru all of my research. For consistent impact of ball control and distance: The club needs to swing parallel to the original shaft angle at address throughout the swing. Combine this with vertical and horizontal motion that in combination match...

Golf Swing

If the backswing is correct, all that follows must therefore be correct. If the backswing is incorrect, all that follows is compensation. Take the road to least resistance and compensation. It is much easier to work toward correct than fighting an incorrect.

2017 Golf Season

A Few Thoughts as the 2017 Golf Season Begins As the 2017 Golf season approaches, I sit here wondering, what are players going to be doing this year to give them the best golf season they have ever had? Obvious changes could be new clubs, a different golf ball, a new...

Golf Swing

The swing itself is to create the correct impact in as simple a way as possible. The goal is to get the club, body and arms at impact as it they were at address. Keeping in mind that since the upper body winds against the lower, the lower will unwind. Therefore the...

Listen to What the Golf Ball is Telling You

One thing has remained constant in all the years that I have been teaching golf: I have never lost sight of what the golf ball is telling me. It may sound funny to say that but if you can understand the relationship between the golf ball and the golf club at impact,...


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